Monday, 17 January 2011

Goals are relative

It's difficult to measure progress if you don't have goals written down.  This mornings swimming session brought this to mind.  We did a long hard session and being passed in the same lane by the better swimmers on a number of occassions can be disheartening however when I got to the end I had taken over a minute off the time set for the same exercise the previous week.  Therefore the session was successful but had I based it on the other people around me I wouldn't have come to the same conclusion.  We all go at a different pace and some are better at different things.  I know that when we start running then I will be faster than some of the swimmers and that just goes to show that triathlon and life have a lot in common.


  1. swimming - i will get there one day!

  2. yes....a lot quicker than me from what I've seen! What's the goal for this year Stoo?