Sunday, 6 May 2018

London's calling

This week had everything in it.  Work was busy and I had to juggle the training schedule as I was in London for a couple of days.  That proved a challenge as I had a run with hill reps and there were no hills near my hotel.  So I adapted and did a treadmill run and used the elevation at the end - needs must.  The climate in London is so different from Scotland.  It must be at least 10 degrees warmer which is makes certain aspects easier, like what to wear!  I took a raincoat down (not for running!) and it didn't see daylight.  I brought a long sleeve and short sleeve running top and had to wear the short sleeve top twice as it was so hot.  I've only worn a short sleeve top once this year back home!
Training in London brings different challenges.  Having been out with clients for dinner I had to be up and running at 6.30am before the streets got too busy.  In my 40 minute run I had 8 metres of climbing!  By the time I got back to my hotel the heat was building and I was rather sweaty - certainly the doorman didn't look impressed!
As always the weekend has involved a couple of long runs.  26km on my own on Saturday so to help pass the time I took some music with me which helped. All the way round I thought of my pal Stuart who was running at the same time except he was completing his 1st ultra - 31 miles.  Distance is a funny thing.  If you "dial in" your target distance you body, after significant training, knows what to do and ensures the pace is right.  I'm delighted to report that Stuart was successful and his sights have been raised for next year - this is how the "madness" starts with a major contributor being keeping "bad company".  If you hang around with people who think 31/53//71/100 miles is normal then expect to be drawn in.
Today was 21km and I was pleased to have Beth and Georgina for company.  Each of us are training for different events but we agreed a steady pace that we all benefitted from.  Company, in my opinion, is better than music but in ultra running the company you need to get used to is your own.  You need to be comfortable as thoughts, positive and negative, fly through your head.  You will always find dark places in your mind but part of your training is to convince your mind that you can keep going.  That is definitely the secret to achieving your goals whether running round a hot flat London or a milder but very hilly Strathaven. 61 days to go!

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