Sunday, 19 November 2017

Life after grand 2 grand

I'm still trying to get over that something I'd planned for 2 years is over - but the "shockwaves continue".  I've never entered a major event before and managed to avoid the "after event blues" which you plummet into once the uphoria is over.  But G2G isn't your average event.
I crossed the finishline on 30th September and am still buzzing.  Facebook is a wonderful thing as the "family" are in touch on a regular basis.  Sharing the stories of what they have been up to and what the future holds. 2019 I hope to hook up with some of my running mates for another adventure.
But life back in the Scotland gets back to normal and having had my recovery period, training is starting.  But this is an interesting psychological phase.  Daylight hours are short.  The temperature has dropped and early morning is zero degrees at best so getting out of bed has proved difficult other than going to work.  My core strength is non-existent and I'm starting to put weight back on which was much needed - 5lbs on but the wrong type of weight.  I'll sort that over the next couple of months.
I've just started my core training and I can honestly say, my core is AWOL.  I'm being careful as my back gets twitchy - it really doesn't like core workouts!  But this is critical to my training and once I have a few sessions under my belt, I'll be ok.  Starting training is always a "ball ache" but I know that when I look back in three months time I'll be feeling the benefit of the core training.
On 2nd Dec I start back with my amazing coach Genevieve and she's already getting her ideas together.  We ran together on Saturday but with 3 km to go she dropped me and I had to dig in deep to finish.  My time was bang on target so I was happy although I'd had to work hard.
Today I went out for a 10km run in zero degrees and enjoyed every minute of it.  The pace was ok and I felt good after it.  I showered and then headed out to join some work colleagues in a 6 KM Santa Dash which was a laugh.  But the body and mind is holding up.
I've decided that the only way I am going to run in the morning is to drive into work early and then head out from the office for a run.  At least there are street lights so I don't have the problem of running in the dark and I have a shower back in the office before I start work.  A few weeks of that and I'll be back in the grove.
But what amazes me is that I have no post race blues and that is down to the fact I'm part of the G2G family and the feel good factor continues.  I'm happy to miss out the post race blues however am looking.forward to getting back in shape.  There is life after G2G but it's changed me, for the better.

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