Sunday, 10 September 2017

Equipment failure

Enjoy the journey to the start line as sometimes you won't make it.  That was advice I was given early in my "going long" days and it's so true.  Last weeks wee scare could have been the end of G2G but with some physio it's getting better but is still sore - bruises take time to clear.  I was very worried that it was my shoes that caused it and this would have meant going back to the drawing board which would have been a disaster.  I put my Inov8s under the toughest conditions in the last 2 days and they have passed the test.  This means they can go off tomorrow to get my gators stiched in - another box ticked.
Testing your equipment before a race, especially one over 7 days, is essential.  I tried out my new compression sock with toes and they are brilliant.  I wasn't so lucky with my Raidlight bottle holders when one ripped when I was putting it on - not happy but a reminder to take duck tape.  Hopefully I'll have a replacement by the time I leave on Monday 18th.
It's been a great weeks training and on Friday I ran 19k without a twinge in either foot. On Saturday I went out with three athletes to climb/run/walk Beinn a Ghlo - a group of 3 munro's with some stunning ridges (22k).  Graham Kelly had helped me before MdS with the Great Glen Run and Lorna Stanger was also part of that group and joined us as well.  Alex Berry made up the group and they didn't hang around. Graham & Alex are taking part in a mega tough race next week so this was ideal training for them and Lorna was coming back from running 100 miles in under 24 hours only 2 weeks ago - fit buggers.  The first climb was brutal with the weighted rucksack (weighed 10% of my body weight) adding to the challenge.  I managed to hang onto their coat tails and didn't fall too far behind!  The final descent was dodgy with the stones giving way under my feet and I caught myself a few time with the poles.
400 m from the finish somehow my pole clashed with Lorna and came out second best.  She did a slow mo dive and the graphite pole sheared!  Lorna was ok but the pole was screwed and an essential piece of equipment.  On the way down the road we stopped into Tiso in Perth and they gave me a new set - no questions asked.  Thank you Tiso that is customer service at it's best.  I was worried they would offer to repair it and I only have a week!  Let's hope I don't repeat that move in the G2G!
Today I went out with my wonderful coach Genevieve.  She has juggled the training schedule with my injuries and I'm amazed to have got this far.  She ran the first half of my 3 hour run.  Again I had the weighted rucksack but her company and encouragement helped as the second half was boring.  But it was a good finish to my week.
Next week I am tapering which will involve 4 one hour runs to allow my body to recover but not to forget we've still got a big challenge coming up.  I'll be buying my final few items but none that need tested.
This journey has been the hardest yet.  In January I was injured and over weight with my heart rate through the roof.  Now I'm a racing snake (under weight but I'll soon sort that when I get back) and my heart rate is behaving itself.  It's been tough but I've proved to myself that if you have a "why" it makes all the difference.  With your support I have raised £2,390 for Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres  (my why) and hopefully we will raise more  Thank you.  1 more blog next Sunday before I step on the plane!  Can't wait. :-)

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