Sunday, 16 July 2017

Lost in London

It's been a hectic week as I have increased my training with double sessions and having a busy work schedule.  Two runs were before 6am and while I was treated to a the birds singing I also had the pleasure on a blue sky with no clouds and an almost full moon while the sun was blazing in the sky.  That's what makes getting up early worthwhile and I feel I have a head start on the world!
On Tuesday the hammy got a good report from my miracle worker Pamela Lock but the calf muscles were re-taped as they were showing signs of being overworked in a way they shouldn't be - this is all connected with my foot instability.
On Friday me and the boss headed off on business in London so Friday was my rest day.  A nice lunch with clients helped me towards my weight target followed by a concert and an after show party.  We got in about 1am but I was up at 6.45 to go for a run in Hyde Park.  It's a big park and it took me a while to navigate my way round it but 1hr and 20 minutes passed with only one person acknowledging me - "hello cock" he said.  I did have a quick check in case there was a wardrobe malfunction but fortunately everything was in order!
This morning I was meant to be running for 1 hr 50 minutes as I build up my mileage.  I was in a different hotel and checked the map before heading out to run in Hyde Park, Green Park and St James Park.  Took a wrong turning and it was about 20 minutes before I reached Green Park.  What a stunning park.  I wish I'd more time and I'd have happily spent the day wandering around and stopping to read a book under the shade of the massive old oak trees.  The same could be said for St James Park and I waved to the Queen a few times as I did my laps - even saw the soldiers practicing for a parade.  I was enjoying the sticky heat when I became aware that my hammy was talking to me. I was 1 hour and 8 mins in and it had tightened up.  I stretched it off but it didn't improve so I walked back to the hotel - more physio on Tuesday.  I'm confident this will be fixed but don't want to risk making it worse.
I've really enjoyed being lost in London and feeling energised by the trees and the beautiful plants and it's hard to believe that such beauty is in the middle of a busy contrete jungle.  Tomorrow's a rest day and we'll start all over again on Tuesday.  Seems the title of my previous blog will apply before as well as during the race.  Failure isn't an option!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the Royal Parks in the West End - they are stunning. One of the benefits I discovered when working in the West End as opposed to the City. Hope hammy is under control. Nick