Sunday, 14 May 2017

Top "fuddery"

The title of this weeks blog may be alien to some of you but all my FB pals understand it, and you will by the end.
It's been a tough week and being in London on Thursday and Friday resulted in two very long days.  I needed to run on Friday morning so I took down my running gear (forgot my shaving gear - priorities!).  As I headed out at 6am in a tea shirt and shorts, I immediately stood out as a "northerner" as everyone else was wrapped up with anoraks, scarfs and hats.  It was really pleasant running along the banks of the Thames.  As soon as I got back to Glasgow I was off to a charity black tie dinner so it was a late night - but I stayed on the water as I had a busy weekends training.
On Saturday morning I was due to do a 50 mile TT on the bike - basically a flat out race against the clock.  The course was hilly with poor road conditions and not my favourite.  To make matters worse it was pissing down with rain and there was a wind.  Before you say "man up" understand that to get my bike out the car, which is a convertible, I need to put the roof down.  When the roof is down the bike jamed in the back of the car.  Much cursing as puddles form on the leather seats.  I eventually get the bike out but now I'm soaking wet and covered in oil.  The ride was brutal and I started to lose the feeling in my fingers and my feet.  After the first lap 3 of the 4 taking part gave up as we were too cold and another 25 miles wasn't worth the risk.  I turns out to have been my fastest ride this year! But we were due to run off the bike - bugger that, we couldn't feel our feet and while the rain continued to pour down, my car once again filled up with water. I put the bike back in and when I get in it, it was like a sauna and I couldn't see out the windows!  I headed off and did 2.4km in the pool - uneventful.
But the best "fuddery" is saved for this morning.  I was rushing around gathering all my bits for cycling - it's such a faf! On the way to the meeting point I am writing my blog in my head about how disorganised I have been - seems like a good topic.  Then I take my bike out the car and realise......I've forgotten my front wheel!  Now there's a first.  My pals are highly amused but one lives close by and soon we have a replacement wheel - thank you Michael Martin.  The ride was tough.  The group were all better than me and I was dropped on ever incline never mind hill.  It goes up over the Campsies and some of the gradients are testing.  But great practice for next weeks half ironman as it's more or less flat!  It was a mental and physical workout and when I finished the 81km I was bust - but needed to do a run off the bike.  It wasn't' as long as scheduled as I was literally running on empty - I lost 2 Lbs in weight!
After every race report from a fellow triathlete there are lessons to be learned.  After a weekend of "fuddery" I have learned my lessons in advance of the race.  This is a good omen as I can't report back to you next week having repeated this weekends performance.  A nice wee "kick up the arse" reminder to plan better and plan more in advance.  Looking forward to the Swashbuckler as I'll be with 6 fellow athletes and we'll all be racing "our own race".  I just hope I can fit into my wetsuit!

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  1. It is good that you learn lessons from your failures. Racing is a very good hobby to adopt which keeps you fit and in good shape. Thanks for sharing your journey!