Sunday, 30 April 2017

Watershed week

First of all sorry for the late post from last week.  I forgot to press the "publish" button!  If you haven't read it it was all about my shredded legs due to running downhill.  This week I worked those shredded legs even harder and it will be, in my opinion, a watershed week in my preparation for the Grand Canyon.
My swimming has gone well with my shoulder now behaving itself - that's only taken 5 months!  I now feel that as long as I can fit in my wetsuit, I'll be able to complete the 1.9m swim in the 70.3 race in 4 weeks time.  It won't be my fastest as I have missed so much swimming but the whole purpose of this event is to keep me cross training and injury free.  Now my shoulder is better the physio can take a look at my foot.  It sounds like taping is in order so the debate about shaving my legs disappears - it's happening!
I've felt tired with the increase in training and had my longest continuous run this week - 18k.  On Saturday I went out with the bike group and for 3 hours suffered.  I enjoyed the company but was pushing it to hang on.  So I knew today was going to be even tougher and this is where the watershed moment came.  I had 2 hours to do solo on the bike and a 40 minute run off the bike and I was tired before I started.  The weather was to be dry, 10 degrees but a 20 mph wind.  The thought of battling the wind on my own knowing I wouldn't hit my target speed didn't excite me and then my wife said, "why bother?"  It's a fair question but my answer was immediate- because that's what's in my training plan.  The words just came straight out of my mouth and as I reflected on it I realised, that's why I am able to do what I do (ironman, ultra runs, MdS).  I completely trust my coaches judgement and know that she knows I am tired but I need to train while being tired.
I headed out on the bike and deliberately turned straight into the headwind and kept going for an hour before turning back.  My legs felt like lead but I kept them spinning.  After a while they felt better and when I turned down wind I was able to fly home.  But I still had a quick turnaround and back out for a 40 minute run.  My "disco legs" were doing their thing as I headed up the hill but I managed to keep my heart rate under control.  I tried to ignore the fact that I had just slogged for 2 hours on the bike and before I knew it I was heading back home into an increasing headwind.  Stretch, shower and a huge lunch which my wife kindly cooked for me as she could see I needed to take it easy.
This will go down as an important weeks training.  There will be harder ones but mentally I crossed a line today as I realised what gets me to the startline of every race.  Perseverance.
And to top the day off I managed a round of golf with my son so I think I will enjoy my day off training tomorrow.  It's amazing what we can put our bodies through if we have a WHY and as you know mine is about raising money for Maggies Cancer Caring Centres.

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  1. This is good that you have overcome the obstacles. YOu really need preservance, patience and stamina to get all this. You learn this through playing sports.