Sunday, 20 November 2016

End of season blog

2016 has been a challenging year but I achieved the objectives I set. In 2015 I had a couple of injuries which meant the race I wanted to do in 2016 would need to be postponed till 2017.  But to keep my training going I entered Ironman Frankfurt and started the training in October.  I chose this race because 7 other club members had entered it and it would be good to have some company for a change while training for the same target.
The Swashbuckler half ironman was in May and would give me a good indication of how my training was going.  I smashed my previous PB for a 70.3 and it was looking good for Frankfurt.  But an infection and a tweaked hamstring meant my training in the last 5 weeks was severely compromised (no running!).  But with my coach we worked out a plan which led to an 11 hour 50 min PB although had I been properly fit a much quicker time would have been possible as I had a very poor 4hr 33 min marathon (followed by the medical tent!) - I was aiming for 3hr 59 min.  I had announced my retirement from IM well before the race so now my focus is on the goal I had to postpone - Grand 2 Grand.  170 mile in the Grand Canyon carrying your own gear in 6 days.
Following IM Frankfurt, the post IM blues set in and the challenge of continuing to eat what I was while training led to the weight going back on which was good because I looked very under weight.  But not training wasn't a problem.  I regained a social life, caught up family and friends and my chosen hydration was wine rather than a protein drink!
Now I'm dipping my toe back into training.  I have no set plan, that starts in January, but am running 3 to 4 times a week albeit slow.  However yesterday I tripped at Chatelherault and my hamstring didn't appreciate it. Today I was running on icy roads and a slip could set me back weeks so I need to be careful.  Fortunately my wife has just taken up running and we had delivered a treadmill which I will use on the cold dark nights.
So 2017 is approaching and I have my goals firmly set.  I'm repeating the Swashbuckler half ironman and this will keep up my cross training.  But that is there as part of my plan for the Grand 2 Grand.  Before that we have the festive period to look forward to.  So on that note I am signing off for the remainder of the year.  I'll be back in January and hope to have good news to report which will be that my weight is lower than it is today as running with a "front rucksack" is not my idea of fun!  All the best to my fellow triathletes who are all getting ready for smashing their goals in 2017. Merry Xmas everybody and thank you for following my blog.

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