Sunday, 23 October 2016

The champagne diet

Last week I was talking about "the breath".  I got another sharp reminder about this on Saturday as I struggled on the second half of the Chatelherault loop.  Every year I have set myself a challenge and when you are beginning to prepare for the hard training during the autumn and winter the same thought enters my head.  How I am going to recover and build my fitness to be ready for the main race?  When I was breathing out my backside and my heart rate was through the roof it certainly left me in know doubt how much work I have ahead.  When I was training for the Marathon des Sables 3 years ago I was running 4 laps with 8kg on my back and then repeating it the following day? I'll need to return to that but it is some way away.
After a coffee, scone with jam and butter I felt better but I had a different type of endurance session planned for the afternoon and the evening.  One where I'd have to pace myself carefully.  The first discipline involve a champagne cream tea. Calorie overload washed down with champagne and Peroni!  Then onto another event where a couple of cheeky Peronis kept the "machine" ticking over.  Then onto the final event.  The ATHelite curry night with guess what, more Peroni and some red wine to wash it all down.  Now I know what you're thinking.  Isn't he meant to be an athlete and how will this help his performance.  Well this is going to surprise you!
After yesterday's "preparation" I headed out with my coach for a 13 km run this morning. She insisted on wearing my Garmin so I couldn't see my heart rate reading which has been an issue for the last few weeks - too high.  It was a beautiful sunny morning and we headed off.  We had run the same route the week before so I was delighted to find we ran it 2 mins quicker and my heart rate behaved itself.  Was this because I couldn't see my heart rate?  Perhaps it was because of my "hydration" the day before.  This is the second time after a big "hydration" session I've actually improved my results.
However rest assured the "champagne diet" is not going to be part of my training plan or if it is, I won't be achieving my goals! Cheers!

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