Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Green light - 382 days to go

Here we go again!  The button has been pushed and my registration for Grand 2 Grand Ultra has been accepted.  All I need to do is send the deposit and in 382 days I will be starting the adventure of a lifetime with one of my great MdS buddies, Steve Drake.  If you wonder why I'm putting myself through this then check the video out http://www.g2gultra.com/home . 
In my opinion, life starts outside your comfort zone (the exceptions being your family & friends) .  We spend too much of our life in a "safe" environment leaning over a laptop or pushing a pen.  My adventures to date have pushed me hard and while the last Ironman was extremely painful this was due to the effects of an infection.  6 weeks out as was so fit and looking to kill it on the day but sh1t happens.  I was still very happy to have raised £6,200 for Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres and achieved a significant PB of 11 hours 50 minutes but know my time could have been so much better - I've got more in me.
Living in the Grand Canyon will be such a privilege and if it's anything like MdS it will be life changing.  Leaving aside the snakes, spiders and scorpions, running at altitude will be a real test but sleeping in the canyon will be amazing.
But before I get carried away thinking about the race, there is a lot of hard work to be done before I stand with Steve on the start line in 382 days time.  First of all I have to contend with a permanently injured foot.  I am receiving treatment to ease the pain but funnily enough the time it doesn't hurt so much is when I'm running!  Walking in business shoes is challenging and I may start to wear my training shoes with orthotics going forward.  My light unscheduled training continues but within the next 4 weeks my training plan will be sorted.  I hope you follow me on this latest adventure.  Good luck to the runners in the 2016 event which starts in 19 days time.

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