Sunday, 17 July 2016

Recovery and world ranking!

It's amazing how time flies and the memory of the pain fades!  But the pictures tell a different story.  Every day I have felt shattered by the end of the working day.  I didn't sleep too well for the first few nights but your nervous system is shot to bits and needs time.  My aches and pains disappeared within 4 days but my energy level is low.  Some of my Frankfurt team mates have been out for a couple of bike rides despite advice to the contrary and I really hope they don't get injured.  I was under strict instructions not to do anything, other than say 10 minutes yoga a day, and for 2 weeks I have done just that.
Today however I went out for a bike ride to spin my legs.  It was a windy ride and all the way out was straight into wind.  As a result I changed my plan and didn't go over the "rig" as not only would it have been very exposed, but my legs were telling me they were'nt ready for this level of effort.  I plan to increase the yoga and start swimming twice a week.  Running is at least 2 weeks away.
I've been eating like a horse and am pleased to report that I've gained 3 pounds - 147lbs!  My face has lost it's gaunt look and soon my clothes will fit.  By the end of the month I will have my plan in place for my 2017 goal, the Grand to Grand Ultra in the Grand Canyon in September 2017.   However there is much work to be done in getting my body strong and flexible enough to take the strains of the training and the event itself.  My blog will follow the journey and I hope you will too.
But let me sign off from the 2016 Ironman journey with some amazing news.  The Ironman organisation wrote to me to tell me that as a result of my Frankfurt Ironman race I am ranked in my age group (55-60, although not 55 till December) 13 in the UK and 259 in the World!  Wow that was unexpected and a good place to finish my short Ironman career!  A new chapter will start in August.

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