Sunday, 5 June 2016

27 days to go

When I pressed the enter button for Frankfurt Ironman just over 300 days ago, I was recovering from a double foot injury and needed something to focus on.  It's hard to believe that the race is only 27 days away.  99% of athletes usually say they are behind in their training for one reason or another. There's always a nagging doubt but this is normal. However the last two weeks training have been the opposite of what they should have been due to illness and now a torn hamstring.  So plan B is being put into place.
My fellow athletes have been putting in the hard miles just as the weather has turned good which is perfect timing.  They will start to taper their training in the last few weeks to allow their body to recover before the race.  Plan B is, I've had my taper, I feel great, apart from my hamstring, so now I need to build the miles back up! Running is out but my physio is confident the work I am doing on a cross trainer will be a good substitute and allow the hamstring to recover.
In an earlier post I said you had to enjoy the 9 month training journey because sometimes you don't make the start line never mind the finishline.  I've enjoyed my journey this far and my PB at the 70.3 a few weeks back demonstrated how the hard work had paid off.  Now I just need to be careful with my hammy to make sure I get to the start line in good shape.
Life doesn't always go to plan but you have to dust yourself down and get back on track.  I can hear cries of ""rule 5" from the cyclists out there but don't worry, there will be a lot of rule 5 being applied! Completing an Ironman successfully is more about your mental strength than anything else. My chimp is being reprogrammed so we deliver Plan B successfully. Can't wait to be standing at the start line ready to dive into the water and start another adventure.

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