Sunday, 21 February 2016

Want to complete an Ironman?

There has been a lot of miles covered this week in the pool and on the turbo trainer.  My swim sessions are between 3,000 metres and 3,800 metres.   I'm still swimming with the pull buoy but feeling really strong and getting faster.  It will be interesting when I have to ditch the pull buoy and get back to normal swimming which could be this week as I am hoping to be back to normal tomorrow night.  But I'll need to build my running back up and I'm scheduled for a "gentle" 5k on Tuesday - can't wait!
I've also been concentrating on the turbo trainer which has certainly maintained my fitness.  Yesterday I was meant to be going out for a 40 mile ride but the weather was horrible.  There is little point in taking the risks of riding in those conditions when you can do a tough 2 hour turbo session which will keep me on target.
Today I was thinking about completing an Ironman and how I believe that anyone could complete one.  People who haven't done one before often wonder how it you can complete a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run.  They think it's impossible.  But it's not.  Anyone can complete one but they need to commit to a proper training plan.  In my case it involves 9 months of training 6 days a week and on a lot of those days, like today, you have a double training session.  Your diary creates challenges such as tomorrow when I have a double session.  I'd normally swim at 7am and turbo in the evening.  But I have my final massage, hopefully, to help my hamstring at 5pm and it wouldn't be advisable to train after that.  Therefore my turbo session will need to take place at 5am to allow me time for a snack before heading off to the swimming.
Every session is "money in the bank".  What I mean by that is that if you complete all your sessions then you can "spend the money" at the event with an excellent chance of a good result.  Miss training sessions and you will "over draw" your account and put at risk your completion of the event.  Anyone can complete an Ironman, it just takes a strong desire and determination to put in the training.  If I can do it, anyone can.  Set your goal and go for it!

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