Sunday, 9 August 2015

The long game

This is a subject I've talked about before but I feel it's important enough to mention again for thise of you out there who are aiming at a goal.  This season I've watched my team mates get ready for various events that takes 6-9 months of disciplined training.  When you're training for an endurance event there are times you need to be selfish - the training needs to suit you therefore some sessions don't work for you.
I'm conscious of that at the moment when out with the pack riding.  In the last month I've got stronger and it's starting to show although I am well aware that I have a long way to go.  My short term goal is to get fit enough to stay with the pack in September for our trip to Majorca so I am not hanging off the back.  But I need to keep my focus on what needs to be done in preparation for Ironman which is 328 days away.
The other reason for focusing on the long game is my foot.  I'm really not wanting to go on about my foot but I was in London this week and was taking taxis as I couldn't walk for the pain.  I'm going to have to wear my running shoes into the office as these are the only shoes my full orthotics fit into.  Big embarrasing but at least the support means I am not limping like an arthritic 90 year old!  So no running for at least a week and continuing with my foot exercises and yoga to strengthen the arch in my foot.
I'm going to concentrate on my swimming, that's going to be a tough start which will take at least 3 weeks, and cycling.  The great thing about triathlon is that most injuries allow you to do some training.  I've just got to not let the injury get me down and keep the fitness level up.  The goal of IM FRankfurt is important to me and I will be doing everything possible to make it happen.

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