Sunday, 24 May 2015

A mile a day, keeps the physio away!

This has been the first week of my rehab both physical and mental.  I visited my physio on Monday and he concluded that my foot injury is chronic and therefore I should forget resting it but start running.  I was prescribed to run 1 mile per day for 4 days and report back to him with the results. Well I can report I have suffered no pain while running and my plantar fasciitis has been ok when walking although it lets me know it's still their so I am constantly rolling my foot.  So come tomorrow I am stepping up to 2 miles a day - I can't wait!
On Saturday I had a choice.  To go cycling with the fast crew or the beginners.  Easy choice really.  I headed off for a very relaxed, social ride and the sun shone the whole way.  There was coffee and cake at the end so that was a perfect ending to a good day.  Today I went out with a pal and cycled 56 km on a hilly course in a strong wind.  It felt good.
My team mates were all racing this weekend.  For some it was their first triathlon and the results were amazing.  The club has a pool of talent coming up and it's so exciting to watch from the side lines.  Davy Arthur & Lynn Girdwood deserve a special mention for completing Lanzarote Ironman in some very tough conditions.  I completed this iconic race 3 years ago and loved it so it was fascinating watching them battle the conditions via Facebook.
I'm not going to be competing until the Strathaven 50 cycle race in August so I can concentrate on building my running back to a decent level.  I've got ultrasound lined up for my foot and depending on whether that works or not, acupuncture is next then shockwave treatment - we have a plan so lets move forward.

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