Friday, 15 March 2013

Long shadows

After a busy week at work I headed out for a 10 mile run. The sun was starting to retreat and my shadow looked long on the road as I ran along. I was running with my rucksack weighing 6k and kept the pace nice and easy. It was a beautiful night and I felt so priviledged to be running pain free in stunning countryside. We take our health for granted until something happens. So my message tonight is try and appreciate the current moment when you can walk, run, breath and enjoy your life. It can change or even end all to soon. In 3 weeks time my long shadowns will be in a completely different environment. Something I've spent 2 years preparing for. It has tought me loads of lessons and I am so greatful to have taken this journey. Thanks to everyone who has supported Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres on my behalf and supported me in my challenges. As I keep getting told, I'm MAD - Making A Difference. Last couple of days with tough miles before my tapering starts. Looking forward to a little bit more rest and recovery in the next three weeks before the adventure comes into it's final chapter.

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