Friday, 21 January 2011


Usual 5.40 porrige, 7am swim.  500 warm up, 5 x 400m plus 100m cool down.  It's amazing what you can think of in that time in the pool while trying not to lose count of the lengths plus reminding yourself of the technique you are trying to master.  As I caused the usual traffic jam in the lane with the better swimmers I reminded myself that perseverance is what is required if you want to achieve anything worthwhile - there are no short cuts.  That is why at 6.55am there was a queue of 30 people waiting to get into the leisure complex with an average age of say 57.  There not all athletes in fact quite a number of them are severely obese and will spend an hour walking up and down a special pool - that's perseverence with the desire to accomplish something worthwhile and I take my swim cap off to them.  So now for some strawberry milk, bananas and I'll be ready to face the day.  How are you getting on with your goals?  Post some progress.


  1. Good to get back to some 50m swimming this morning - all be it I am a part timer but hey I made it! Whats next for me - keep it going fancy another shot at the swimathon 5k and get under the 1.5hrs.Then there's got to be a few tris this year. Like the videos.

  2. I shall join you fellas soon for a dook!


  3. Stoo - great to see you in the pool. Smooooooth swimming looked effortless.
    Gary - define soon? Come on get in there!