Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Today I am off to Birmingham so before I leave at 8.30am I had to multi-task, something women are meant to be better at - I might check that out with Andy Gray ex-Sky Sports presenter!  Anyway, this involved a 5.30am start so I could complete some client work, then a 10km run, back for a shower, breakfast, write the blog and now to drop the kids off at school.  That to me is a result and I still have the majority of the day to conduct business.  Multi-tasking can be done by everyone it just takes a desire to make it happen.  Have a good day!


  1. Hi Derek,
    I think I passed you this morning running down Glasgow Road with torch in hand. I was on the other side with dog on lead. Good to see that you are keeping it going and are so focussed. I need to re-invigorate myself a good bit. I've been doing some light training with some core and upper body weight work as that area of my fitness is quite frankly woeful. I will then start to step up the bike as well. I had a few aborted attempts at turbo sessions earlier in the month but always felt lousy the next day, a sure sign that the virus had not totally removed itself. I'm sure that it has not however what has replaced it is a slight feeling of lethargy, so need to kick start things now. Look forward to catching up soon.

  2. Derek,
    Whenever I read your blog it's like your shouting at me 'get off your sorry arse Maclean and do some work'
    I've been whinging on for weeks about entering something to get me out my comfort zone. Time I stopped whinging and got on with it eh?!?

  3. Andy - yes I did pass you but was too busy clenching my butt cheaks for obvious reason to notice and before you ask, yes I did make it....just! Hope you get back to full fitness soon but take it gradually.

  4. as you said Lee...."get off your sorry....." you know the script. We've all been there and you know that after a couple of sessions you'll start to enjoy it so I look forward to your next post saying your back on the programme. Come on Lee you can do it!