Saturday, 15 January 2011

Focus required

It wasn't a good week for training due to being in London so today I had to train despite the high winds and pouring rain meant my first stint was on the turbo trainer.  I can tell from my heart rate (average 150) that more training is required especially with an average speed of 20kmh.  With Lanzarote in March I need to increase the frequency and time on the bike.
After "Dad duties" I went out a short run to a friends house for some tips on Marathon Des Sables - Tony has completed it twice.  It was great to hear the stories from someone who has completed it and my first priority it to get in the race.  I have written to the organisers to see if I can get in for 2013.
However while MDS is the ultimate goal I have other challenges approaching fast;  Lanza bike training in March, 1 leg (13 miles) of the West Highland Way in a relay race in April, 81 Mile Caledonian Etape bike race and my "A race" for the year the UK 70.3 Ironman (1.2mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13 mile run) - one of the toughest in the world!  I can't lose sight of these shorter term, tough and important goals and once they are out of the way I can start training for Ironman Lanzarote May 2012.
So the excitement of MDS will have to wait but the planning has begun.

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